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Flat Relief and Bas Relief Flowers and Emblems

Emblems, Insignia and Badges can depict the character, interest and lifestyle of a special person.

We have a large variety of Emblems, Insignia, Badges and artwork available that can be used to create a unique and special memorial for your loved one. We also have the ability and technology to create new emblems and artwork to suit a particular need.

Please ask to see our selection of Emblems, Insignia and Badges, which can be supplied in Flat Relief (2D), as seen on the plaque below, or Bas Relief (3D) - the single items below.

Flat Relief Emblems are computer-designed and can be sized easily to fit any application. Flat Relief can be the same colour as the rest of the plaque or enhanced by colour, such as a red rose with green leaves, or a blue or yellow butterfly.

Bas Relief Emblems are produced by sculptors using modelling clay - these cannot be sized to fit.  If a Bas Relief Emblem is not available in a suitable size, then it must be made by a sculptor and may incur additional cost.

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